I discovered the benefits of Pilates  first hand in my early 30`s . Over the following years the practice has been invaluable to me for postural correction, injury rehabilitation, fitness and wellbeing.

I value working in partnership with clients to devise progressive training programmes tailored to their needs and ambitions. Pilates has the ability to benefit anyone’s physical performance and general wellbeing regardless of age or ability.

Restorative Pilates focuses on working with the body you have today to support your best quality of life going forward.

Pilates Qualifications apprenticing under Pilates Master Rachel Rafiefar*

  • Pilates Apparatus Teacher Training 500 hrs – Independent Pilates Teachers Association (IPTA)

  • Pilates Matwork Teacher Training 500 hrs – Independent Pilates Teachers Association (IPTA)

  • Level 3 Diploma Teaching Pilates 210 hrs – Ofqual Present License 00340465 (QCF)


Continued Professional Development

  • Bio Mechanics Trainer – Sports Therapy Association

  • Emmett Technique – Practitioners Training

  • Emmett Therapies – Emm – Tech

  • Reiki – First Degree

  • Body Talk – Access

  • Emergency First Aid at Work – Ofqual


*Rachel Rafiefar Director of The Thoughtful Body™ which was established in 1994. She trained in 1989 with Alan Herdman and has gained a professional reputation for quality and innovative. Rachel was a founder member of The Pilates Foundation and is currently a director of IPTA.