Initial Assessment


An opportunity to visit the studio to discuss your particular health and fitness needs. We will discuss your current health and mobility and suitability for exercise. A postural assessment will be made and some initial gentle movement will be undertaken to identify a starting point. An initial assessment is an exploration for suitability on both sides and puts you at no obligation to go forward with a programme of sessions.

All training programmes including small groups begin with a private one to one postural assessment session.

Private Session


Completely private sessions in the Pilates Studio. Delivering a progressive bespoke programme tailored not only to your over all ambitions but responding to weekly shifts in well-being and any unexpected flareups or issues.

A combination of demonstration, verbal explanations and hands on cuing will be used to make sure you get the very most from each exercise.

Following the initial assessment  I may advise that your first 5 to 10 sessions are private, particularly if you are new to Pilates or have very specific issues.

£45 weekly or discounted blocks of 5 sessions at £200

Semi-Private Sessions


Sharing the studio with one or two other client you will work through our own programme of exercises specific to your needs. Supported by demonstration, verbal explanations and hands on cuing.

Semi private sessions are available to all clients but are particularly beneficial to those who are more familiar with the repertoire and Pilates fundamentals.

Two People Sharing £30.00 weekly or discounted blocks of 5 sessions at £137.50

Small Equipment Sessions


Based in Studio 58 at the Strutts Centre in Belper. Pilates group sessions focus on creating balance in the body, strengthening the core postural muscles and working on stability and co-ordination. Matwork classes use your body weight to provide the resistance that your muscles work against. Small equipment may be used to support or add additional challenge.

5 Session Block Payment £45