How The Emmett Technique complements your Restorative Pilates Training

My Emmett Training Experince  

 " Restorative Pilates focuses on working with individuals to develop a deep sense of connection and wellbeing in their bodies regardless of age, size, exercise experience, injury or mobility.

Working on my own body it soon became clear that in many cases you can not stretch a muscle ‘free’ or mobilise a joint out of pain. Most exercise professionals will balance the wear and tear of teaching with regular massage which I did with Claire Stone. Over a number of months, she began to introduce a series of EMMETT moves into the treatment that started meaningful ongoing relief to what had felt like constant aches and pains.

Like many people, I was a little cynical that such light touch in apparently random locations was really creating this shift ... maybe Claire just held magic in her hands.

In 2012, Claire convinced me to attend an EMM-Tech training day, which as with all of the training is very reasonably priced and generous with the amount of knowledge and skills it shares. After the course, I began to tentatively use some of the moves on my Pilates clients and guess what ..... there is a little magic in my fingers too!

Once you start doing EMMETT and seeing the results it's addictive you want more moves to help more people. I knew there was a Psoas release in the Module 1&2 training days which had been very successful on my lower back ache and so signed up. After two pretty intensive days, I walked away with not only the Psoas release but the most effective QL release I have ever seen and a series of moves for the neck and shoulder that will likely keep me in friends and hopefully clients for life.

 I am now Fully Qualified as an Emmett Practitioner and EMMETT is an intrinsic element of my Pilates practice. I am not sure how I could do one without the other. My clients love it and appreciate the added value it offers into their regular Pilates sessions. EMMETT and Pilates complement each other beautifully the EMMETT bring the body in to balance and the Pilates establishes improved patterns of movement and flexibility which allow my clients to make long-term shifts in there well being and mobility. "


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The Emmett Technique

EMMETT-Uk & Ireland 

If you are considering training to be an EMMETT Practitioner can I please reassure you how well designed and delivered the entire course is. It is a small training team that works nationally and they are such advocates for the work. They want you to be accomplished and confident practitioners and so deliver with clarity and consistency through a layered teaching method that works for a variety of learning styles.

I am dyslexic and the layered, hands-on training has made this the most enjoyable and stress-free training that I have ever experienced. ( If you are also dyslexic you will know that learning and stress-free are not words that you would ever be likely to put together. )

The majority of my training has been delivered by Claire Stone in Derbyshire who shares such a passion for the technique you leave the training days energised and inspired.